Our shady Director

Who started us on this journey to find some products that would make our camping adventures comfortable.

We wanted something to keep us cool that was easy to use and could be used with all our camping equipment.

It needed to be light weight and quick to pack and unpack.

Over a few years of testing and searching out the best components to do the job we finally developed our Cool Shade. 

Moving forward

3 Years on we have now grown to expand our range to 17 sizes and several additional products to make your travels comfortable and easy so you can enjoy your time away.  

Some items we have developed ourselves and some we have sourced from other clever Aussies.   We keep our costs at a minumum to make it affordable and we pride ourselves on quality.   If ever you have a problem we are always willing to help find a solution.  We will do some modifications as requested and are happy to discuss these with you.  Being a small business we work on our own timetable and so we are available to chat with when you have the time.  

We love your feed back and this has enabled us to work at developing new products to meet your needs.   






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