2.2m Angle end-wall kit


  The Kit includes Angle attachment and 2.2m Cool shade wall

Other sizes can be arranged please contact us directly to order.
More info about the bead size in the description below

We now have full stock available for this kit and will send out within a couple of days.   If your ordering the 6mm bead please allow a week for delivery as these will be made to order.

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Angle end wall attachment with 2.2m Cool shade

The Angle end wall kit comes with the Angle attachment and a 2.2m Cool shade wall

Our Angle attachment is made from High quality Australian canvas.  With a patented Keder bead edge to ensure that it will glide into you anti flap kit track with ease.
If you don’t have the anti flap kit the there are straps as well to enable attachment over a rail.
You Cool Shade wall then attaches via hook & loop tape keeping the versatility in the wall.
You will be able to use that same wall in other applications.

About the bead …
Most Anti-flap kits will need the standard 7.5mm bead  such as the Aussie Traveller brand
The Fiama Anti-flap kits require the smaller bead of 6mm which fit perfectly

Note: Pictures shown may not be exact indication of your size needs for type of equipment, they are a general indication of where this size wall may be used. Please measure your equipment before ordering if you are unsure.

Additional information

Bead Size

7.5mm Standard, 6mm fits Fiama anti flap kits