Gazebo shade walls

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Ultra light weight cool shade walls increase the usable shade area under your gazebo. Perfect to add to your gazebo for the ultimate shade solution.

Unique aluminised mesh reflects heat and knitted construction enables airflow (use as a windbreak) and provides privacy.

If it rains, no problem, the unique knit causes rain to run down the wall and only in heavy falls you may get a slight mist making it through.

Compatible with all Velcro style attachments. Comes with hook and loop straps for quick and easy installation.

Gazebo wall for shade

Single 3.0m privacy shade wall

Great shade solution for your 3.0m gazebo.

6m x 2m Shade wall wrapped around a 3m Gazebo to create a shade room

Single 6.0m privacy shade wall

Screen your gazebo on 2 sides and get more usable shade.

3m Gazebo with 4.9m x 2m Cool Shade wall wrapped around sides to create protection from the sun

Single 4.9m privacy shade wall

No need to go from pole to pole, our 4.9m shade wall provides plenty of shade and with the addition of our track attachment you can use on your van as well

2.4m x 2m Gazebo Cool shade wall that reduces heat and is lightweight

Single 2.4m privacy shade wall

It can be a challange to get much shade under a 2.4m gazebo but with the Cool Shade wall you’ll have it covered. 

Gazebo shade walls

Single 4.9m privacy shade wall

Our 4.9m Shade screen fully wraps around the small 2.4 gazebo

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