Why buy a Cool Shade?

  • Ultra light weigh and easy to use.  Quick to set up and take down.  
  • Unique aluminised mesh reflects heat and enables airflow keeping the heat down in your campsite and helping fridges to run more efficiently
  • The light deflection on these shades increases privacy from the outside while still enabling your view of your surroundings 
  • Even in rain no problem, our thread design predominatly deflects rain down the wall rather than through it.    
  • Our walls are compatible to use in varied applications,  with hook and loop edging,  bead track attachents and over rails or frames,  accomodating the various needs of your travelling style.  

How can I use my cool shade?

  • increase the usable shade area on awnings
  • reflect heat with the unique aluminised mesh
  • enable cooling airflow via the knitted construction
  • provide privacy due to the reflection on the outside but retain a view from inside
  • when it rains, the unique knit causes rain to run down the wall – in heavy falls you may get a slight mist making it through
  • compatible with all Velcro style attachments – flip for hook or eye
  • fits all awning tracks

What can I use my cool shade with?

  • straight awinings
  • 270 degree awnings
  • caravan awnings
  • campervan awnings
  • verandah shade and privacy

Increase shade with 5m wall and enclose an area

Using Easy glide track attacment and wall fittings

Track attachment more shade & stay cool

Using the variety of attachment points with track

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