2.1m Angle End Wall Kit


( Aussie Traveller , Grasshopper  , Sunrise Outdoor s).
2.1 Angle End wall kit with 7.5mm bead

(Fiama and Thule anti flap kits have the 6mm bead)
2.1 Angle End kit with 6mm bead

( Many Hybrid vans are now using their own brand AFK and the 5mm is best suited )
2.1 Angle End kit with 5mm bead

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Our Angle wall kit is a unique 2 part system.
The canvas angle section provides added protection in bad weather and can be fitted via the bead edge into an anti-flap kit or via the Hook and loop tapes directly over the side arm of your awning.

Once this is in place it is easy to attach the Cool Shade screen to keep the air flow under your awning and keep you shaded and cool.
*Our shade screens are a patented Ultralight aluminised mesh that reflects heat and won’t get hot on even the warmest days.
*The weave type is designed to let in the air and turn wind across then through the fabric. This works well on those gusty days where the wind is wiping up from the beach.   Even in winter this fabric cuts the wind chill factor because of the design.
* During the day this won’t block your view from the inside looking out but from the outside looking in it provides great privacy.


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6mm Bead, 7.5mm Bead, 5mm Bead

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