2.3m Canvas Awning Extension /BBQ Porch -Sirocco mod


2.3m Canvas Awning Extension / BBQ Porch

Australian light weight canvas section with the Easy Glide kedar edge feeds directly into the Anti-Flap Kit on the short side of your awning. 5m bead to fit Jawas’s AFK and 7.5mm option can be arranged.

This product is in high demand so if it is out of stock please note that we are regularly manufacturing to keep up. You can expect backorders to be filled within roughly 2 weeks

Mr Buckaroonie demonstation of our awning extension.

2.3 Canvas Awning Extension / BBQ Porch Sirocco modification

This unit is designed to fit the JAWA Sirocco with the standard awning. Our Canvas Awning Extension / BBQ Porch connects into the AFK supplied by JAWA and provides additional cover over the pull-out Fridge. It has the additional connector to link the canvas section to the wall of the Van for increased weather protection.
In keeping with our versatile modular design our Australian made light weight canvas roof can be linked our 2.3m or 2.4m shade wall for added heat reduction and to cut gusting winds. Our shade section will still allows the air to flow through and keep you cool but turns it across the fabric to cut the annoying gusts.
Note this unit is compatable with Sirrocco models up the end of 2023
2024 series Sirrocos will use our standard 2.3 awning extension with 5mm bead

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MK2 1m Ext – 6mm Bead, MK2 1m Ext – 7.5mm Bead, MK2 1.35m Ext – 5mm Bead, MK2 1.35m Ext – 7.5mm Bead